2022-11-22 New Website and Price List from January 2023

Dear all,

We are now preparing for the launch and will announce the timeline as soon as it is determined. At this time, the transition is scheduled for January 2023 or later, but will be announced as soon as it is finalized.

In order to make this a smooth transition and avoid disruption to your lessons - we will need your cooperation to take a few actions later.
We will also be changing our point plans.

●About the new point planWhat will not change・For private lessons, you will be able to take a 50-minute Learning Session for 4 points.・You can choose your own teacher and class schedule.

What will change・You will be able to take both group and private lessons using the same points. With the new website, you will first start with the appropriate point subscription for the course you want to take, and then use your points to book a group. You can use these points to book both group and private lessons. For example, you can take 50-minute private lesson with 4 points and 50-minute group lesson with 2 points.

・The point subscription cycle will be 4 weeks (28 days). The subscription cycle will be 4 weeks (28 days), not 1 month - it makes the plan simpler and easier to use within the valid period. The payment cycle for group lessons will also change.
Currently it is the 1st of every month, but for new participants, the cycle will start on the 28th of the month from the day you start your subscription (payment date will change depending on the cycle).

・When making a reservation, you will be able to choose between a one-time reservation and a recurring reservation. You will be able to easily reserve your favorite tutor's lesson every week.
・Both group and private lessons will be starting at 00:00 every hour. This means that group lessons will be from 00 to 50 minutes, instead of the current 10 to 00 minutes.Also, all private lessons will be 50-minute learning sessions.
(If you are currently taking lessons with a 30-minute start time, we apologize, but we will need to discuss your schedule with you separately.)
・The price of points will change.

● The new prices are as follows.
Depending on the plan you are currently using, we will introduce the corresponding new plan.

Online Private Lessons  (50min = 4points)
■Subscription Plan  (valid for 28 days)
Starter plan  9600 JPY   8 points 
Middle plan 16800 JPY  16 points
Growth Plan 32000 JPY 32 points
Saving Plan 45600 JPY 48 points

■Package Plan
Starter 8 Points 10,400 JPY  8 points valid for 30days
         48 Points   50,400JPY 48 points valid for 120days
        100 points 100,000JPY 100 points valid for 240days
        200 Points 190,000JPY 200 points valid for 480days

●How to start a new subscription
First of all, if you are currently taking private lessons and already have points, you will be able to continue to use your remaining points at the new website.
Those who currently have point subscriptions for private lessons will receive a link to start a new subscription plan before we launch the new system.
You will need to enter your card information into the new website and save your payment information in your new profile.
Current group lesson subscribers will also receive instructions on how to start a new subscription plan..

We are committed to making your learning experience more convenient and comfortable in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us.
We hope you continue to enjoy your lessons with Coto. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any questions!

The Coto Online Team