2022-09-26 【Update】Announcing Coto's New Online Course Website


Last week, we brushed a bit about our new online website. We’re going into the details here.

As you know, Coto Academy is committed to providing high-quality service and Japanese lessons. Part of this includes an excellent user experience online when you are browsing our courses.

Currently, we are redesigning our online lesson platform. We’re excited for you to see and experience the website once it launches.

The site is designed for easier book flow and navigation, stronger security, and more user-friendly. Some of the great new features will include:

  • Integrated group and private lesson platforms. Right now, we have two separate websites for one-on-one and group lessons. When you’re considering (or already joining) both, it’ll all be in one place. That’s right — no more tangled mess for you.

  • Take all lessons with the same point system. By logging into just one website, there’s no confusion when you take both group and private lessons. Easier to manage, you know?

  • No more wasted points you paid for. The current point subscription system for 1-1 lessons is based on a monthly subscription, but sometimes there are points left over at the end of each month. Under the new system, all subscriptions will be based on a 4-week cycle. By keeping the number of weeks constant, we can solve the problem of wasted points.

  • More effective lesson plans. We’ll remove our 25-minute lesson and speaking session as a result of our site renewal.

  • Secure, convenient payment. We will use Stripe as our payment platform for security and customer convenience. The payment method will be credit card payment.

The bottom line is: the website is designed so it’s easier for you to browse, register and purchase our course.

You’re not getting the short end of the stick. Your current points for one-on-one lessons will be transferred to the new site, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

We’ll also announce the new pricing adjustment, so stay tuned! Still have questions? Contact us at [email protected].

The Coto Online Team