2021-01-31 New JLPT Live Course semester is starting!

Seminar style courses with a live teacher via video

The teacher will explain grammar points and vocabulary covered on the JLPT and how to use them. 

When are they?

  • N1 19:10-21:00 on Tuesdays&Fridays - with Atsuyo sensei
  • N2 19:10-21:00 on Mondays&Wednesdays - with Takuya sensei
  • N3 9:10-11:00 AM on Mondays&Wednesdays /19:10-21:00 on Tuesdays&Thursdays->Mondays&Wednesdays from Feburary - with Miki sensei
  • N4 18:10-20:00 on Tuesdays&Thursdays - with Yuka sensei

 Check out the details from here!