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Established in 2000, and located in Tokyo Coto Japanese Academy has taught thousands of students Japanese. Whether you would like to take Japanese lessons online - or simply to practice your speaking. Coto Online has a solution that meets your learning needs.

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Why “Coto Online” ??

Quality Lessons from Coto - Anytime , Anywhere
Lesson Booking Available 24 Hours / day through your account portal - Accessible from any device.
Learn Practical Japanese
More than 300 exclusive types of learning curriculum for all levels - designed to teach Naturally Spoken Japanese
Learning Sessions or Speaking Sessions
Choose from two types of sessions that match your learning goals. Learning sessions are professional lessons taught by credentialed instructors.

Learn & Practice Japanese

Learning Session
25 mins
Learn through guided lessons with professional teachers.

2 Points

Speaking Session
25 mins
Speak with a native and focus on improving your Japanese conversasion output.

1 Point

Please clarify any doubts you have before starting an online lesson
  • Q. What is the points system?

    A. When you book both learning and speaking sessions - they cost points in order to book.

    25-minute Learning session uses 2 points
    50-minute Learning session uses 4 points.

    25-minute Speaking session uses 1 point.
    50-minute Speaking session uses 2 points.

    These points will stay on your account and when you book a lesson we will automatically update your balance.
    You can purchase points in packages via paypal or credit card.
  • Q. What are business coaching sessions?

    A. Business Coaching sessions are an opportunity to get your questions answered by a Bi-lingual instructor who has more than 10 years of business experience in cross-cultural communication settings.

    This lesson type can be used for:

    Business Role play
    Interview Practice
    Speech Preparation
    Sales Email Creation and Optimization
    Sales conversations, company pitches, product introductions.

    When you reserve this type of lesson - be sure to send a message with the following information:

    -What your goals are for the lesson and what you’d like to do.
    -What language you would like to use in the lesson - (Japanese only - Japanese and English - English only)

    If a non-disclosure agreement is necessary - please let us know in advance of the lesson.
  • Q. What kind of curriculum do you have?

    A. Coto Online offers 1-on-1 lessons that fit your needs and requests, which means the lessons are designed just for you.
    You can always discuss with your teacher what skills you want to improve!
  • Q. What is Learning session?

    A. Learning sessions are guided lessons with a professional Coto teacher where you will learn new Japanese vocabulary and grammar through our in-house learning curriculum.

    Learning sessions are great for everyone who would like to learn new Japanese.

    With Learning sessions you can learn Japanese from the beginning - or you can pick up where you left off. There are no restrictions on what level of Japanese learner can take learning sessions.

    We recommended learning sessions to students who:
    ・have never studied Japanese, and don’t know how to start
    ・want to improve their Japanese Language ability but there is no school in their area
    ・have left Japan but would like to keep learning at the same pace.

  • Q. What are the teachers like? Do they speak English?

    A. All teachers are native Japanese speakers and for learning sessoins, all teachers have experience in teaching students cross culturally.
    We hire teachers who are not only experienced with teaching Japanese but also have experience communicating across different cultures. This means that we do our best to have our teachers create a positive learning environment for the student.
    Nearly all teachers are able to hold daily conversations in English - so feel free to ask questions!
  • Q. What is Speaking session?

    A. During a speaking session you can use what you have already learned to practice having more natural and fluent interactions in Japanese.
    The more output you have and the more you can speak Japanese - the better you will be at speaking.

    We recommend these sessions to someone who:
    ・has left Japan but wants to keep improving their Japanese speaking ability
    ・Is currently taking an intensive course wants to have more output / practice opportunities
    ・Has learned Japanese before - but does not have much opportunity to speak it on a daily basis.
  • Q. How do I book a sessions?

    A. To book online sessions - Login to your account.
    Choose the date and the time slot you wish to have a session on.
    Please note that you can book lessons 24 hours ahead.

    *Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the session.
  • Q. How long does 1 session take?

    A. You can choose the session length either be 25 minutes or 50 minutes!

    1 slot is 25 minutes, therefore, you need to select 2 slots in a row to book 50 minutes lesson.

    For learning session, we recommend you to take 50 minutes lessons!
  • Q. What is monthly subscription?

    A. Monthly subscription is convenient for students who take lessons regularly, the points will automatically be added to your balance every month, on the same date as your purchase.

    For monthly subscription, we request you to continue for at least 3 months. This is also important for you to feel your own improvement.

    If you would like to stop your subscription, please contact us before the same date as you purchase on previous month.
  • Q. Do you have a lesson for super beginner?

    A. Yes, we do!
    Coto Online offer lessons that fit your needs and requests, and you are always welcome to discuss with your teacher!
    Also, we have teachers who can speak English (and French too!) so don't worry!
    Please feel relax and enjoy your lessons:)
  • Q. What kind of learning materials are used for learning sessions?

    A. During learning sessions we use exclusive learning materials that were written and produced by the teachers from our School.
    These materials focus on introducing practical Japanese vocabulary and sentence patterns that you would find in everyday life.

    For each learning session - you can select what you would like to learn in advance and share it with your teacher.

    Also, you can use textbooks such as Genki books, Minna no Nihongo, JLPT books (Shin kanzen master, Speed master)!
    *You will need to purchase textbooks.
  • Q. Can I cancel a lesson? Is there any cost for cancelling my lesson?

    A. Students are able to cancel a session and get the point(s) back if the cancellation is made by 24 hours before the lesson starting time.

    Once the 24 hour buffer period has expired, lesson points for the booked lesson will not be refunded if you must cancel.

    Please log-in, choose the booked lesson at "My page" and click the "More" button on the right hand side of the lesson list, the cancel button is on the bottStudents are able to cancel a session and get the point(s) back if the cancellation is made by 24 hours before the lesson starting time.
    om of the page.

    For example - if your lesson is on Tuesday at 9pm, you have until Monday at 8:59PM to cancel your lesson without any penalty.
  • Q. Will the lesson points expire?

    A. Yes, the expiry date depends on the number of points purchased. Lesson points are valid to be used within the time frame according to the package level. However, you can extend the expiration date by purchasing new points in our system.
  • Q. How do I Pay? What methods of payment do you accept?

    A. Payments for package plans can be done through PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.
    For monthly subscriptions, only PayPal and credit card are acceptable.
    Please note that for every payment through bank transfer, a commission charge will be incurred.

    If you would like to make the purchase through a payment link or bank transfer, please email us at [email protected]
  • Q. Can I share the points with my friends?

    A. A point package cannot be used by two or more people separately. We keep a record of lesson for each student account. It is important to keep track of your learning history and provide the best lessons, so be sure to create a separate account for each person.
  • Q. Can I reserve the same time and same teacher every week? Can I book a pack of recurring lessons?

    A. Currently we only offer this service to students who purchase a monthly subscription package or who purchase packages above 128 points. (Monthly packages are limited to 4 weeks per month)

    If you purchase a monthly subscription - or a package of 128 points or more - you may request a regular lesson schedule.
    Use this form to submit a regular lesson schedule request:

    After we receive your request we will check the teachers availability and then confirm whether or not you may have that schedule.